The Most Humane Wildlife Tools

foxAlthough critters such as rats, mice raccoons and other small creatures can carry and transmit diseases they are an important part of the world and especially an important part of our wildlife. Although it is important to keep them away from humans and human food it is also important to keep these critters safe and protected. Occasionally these critters find themselves inside our homes or even in our yards where kids and pets play. Although it is important to remove them from our personal space it is also important to keep the critters safe. Below are some of the most humane tools and ways to get rid of pesky critters.

– Catch and release traps. These traps are made for catching the critter and trying to save them. You simply set up the trap to catch the critter inside and the trap is self closing so you never have to touch the critter. Once the critter is caught simply drive a few miles away and release the critter in a field or in the woods.

– Eco friendly repellent. Eco friendly repellent helps to keep the pests away. The repellent is typically safe for animals as well as kids and pets but it works as a deterrent for pests. They smell a foul smell that makes them avoid going in that certain area. It is a great way to remove as well as prevent critters from invading your space.

– Homemade traps. Many people especially those who live near the woods can see many critters come and go. Sometimes the most humane and even the cheapest way to catch a critter is making your own trap at home. Simply get a net and some string and think of a way to trap the critter. Using google to see what types of food a certain critter eats will help you to catch them easier.

These are just some of the ways to catch rats and other critters in humane ways. It is important to try to protect yourself as well as the critter. Although they spread disease and illness when they are trapped in your home when they are in the woods or fields they serve no real danger to you or your home. Every critter deserves to be safe and free and your home deserves to be critter free.