Remove Pests

Top Reasons To Remove Pests From Your Home

raccoonsPests and critters around your home can be a problem. They can spread illness and cause a variety of other problems. Below are some of the main reasons to remove them from your space but it is important to keep in mind to try to remove them as humanely as possible.

1. They chew through cables and wires. Critters like to chew through things especially cables and wires. They use the cables and wires to help keep their teeth sharp and going well. By chewing through the cables and wires they can break or damage electronics and other things in your home.

2. They chew through installation n your home. Critters also like to keep their teeth strong and well by chewing through installation. The installation is what keeps your home safe, warm and protected. When the installation goes you can get a variety of home problems that occur. Be sure to take notice if you hear or see any chewed up things. It may be a sign of a rodent problem.

3. They leave feces and urine everywhere. Critters especially mice and rats often have no control over where they leave their urine and feces. They simply release them while walking, eating or even sleeping. The feces and urine of these critters is often filled with germs and diseases. If humans or pets consume the feces or urine they can become very sick even having kidney failure and other major aliments. Sometimes just breathing in the feces and urine is enough to make humans and pets sick.

fox4. Slightly larger critters like a fox or racoon can do more than just carry illness. They can bite or scratch you leaving damaging marks or disease. Many larger critters can be infected with rabies which is very dangerous for human and pets. Larger critters can also transmit fleas or other mites and bugs to humans as well as to pets which then end up in your home. Larger critters can also be harmful to your kids or pets well being. Critters can attack or maul pets, livestock or small humans causing serious harm and even death.

So although critters and pests can be cute in pictures or movies they can also bring a variety of other problems. Being sure to keep them out of your home or yard is the best way to protect yourself, pets and livestock. If you see signs of critters be sure to investigate and get it taken care of before it gets out of hand. Using humane ways such as catch and release traps are the best way to remove the pest without killing or injuring it.