Rats Removal

Below are the best ways to get rid of rats in a humane way.

– Trap and release. Probably one of the best ways to get rid of a rat is to trap and release it. Getting a cage that is small enough to catch the rat without it slipping out is important. Be sure to get a cage that is meant for rats and not a bigger animal. Set up the cage in the area you seen the rat with a piece of food or cheese to entice them to go in the cage. Once in the cage it will automatically close and lock. Take the cage at least 3 miles or more from your home and release it in the woods or a big field. Be sure it is a few miles from home as rats can find their way back. If you are unsure of what to do, you can always call┬áSalt Lake City bat removal company that deals with both pests.


– Set up a way to get them out of your home. Try setting up a trail of food or rat bait and lead it to the back or front door. This may help get the rat out in a humane way without ever having to touch it or see it again.

– Call in professional help. Sometimes if a rat problem has went to far you may not be able to handle it on your own. Calling in a professional can offer you some relief. Professionals can check for signs of rats as well as help you clean and remove any that may be around your home. Not only do professionals have lots of knowledge on the situation they also have all of the right materials to help. Some professionals will even offer you tips and tricks on how to prevent these critters from entering your home. Be sure to talk to the professionals about all of the different ways they can remove a rat or pest. It is always important to choose the most humane way to get rid of unwanted animals and pests.

In closing there are many humane ways to get rid of rats in your home or office. Checking around at what option is best for you will help educate you on how to prevent and rid yourself of these unwanted critters. Although they carry and spread disease they are still a cute living creature and deserve to live a normal happy rat life.