Prevent Critters

Ways To Prevent Critters In Your Home or Yard

Once critters or pests make their way into your home or yard it may be hard to get rid of them. Being sure to prevent them from coming in is easier than trying to get rid of them. Below are some of the top ways to keep critters from coming into your home.

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– Keep the home and yard clean. One of the best ways to keep critters away is to be sure to keep the areas of your home and yard clean. Sweeping up leaves and other debris is important to keep them from nesting and sticking around. Move large piles of things out of the way so they cannot hide or go unnoticed.

– Put all food and food crumbs away. Critters mainly come in to look for food. Be sure to clean up all food and sweep up and wipe away all crumbs that may be left behind. Critters like mice and rats can smell even the smallest amount of food lying around. Their noses were made for rummaging for food and water. After eating always clean and sanitize the area so no food or smell is left behind.

– Fill any and all homes around the home. Go around the inside and the outside of your home and notice any holes or cracks. Critters can fit into the smallest of spaces. They can wedge into cracks as well as holes and infest the home. Use silicone, wood or any other type of material that can help fill the holes or cracks. Many places sell specific items to fill the holes and cracks with to keep critters away. Prevention is the best way to keep pest out of the home.

– Keep outside garbage neat and clean. Having lots of garbage outside especially smelly garbage is a great way to attract unwanted critters and pests. They will rummage through garbage looking for food and looking for things to make a home out of. If they do not find much they may make their way into your home to look for more food or shelter. Keep the garbage clean and well maintained. Be sure it is high off the ground so it deters the rodents. If you are able to cover the garbage that would be the best solution.

critter– Do not leave open water laying around. Many critters look for water sources to survive. They will drink or lay in the water. Be sure to dump or empty any bath water or dish water. Wipe up an spills or leaks you may see. Not having open water around is also a great way to keep mosquitoes and other flies away as they are attracted to water.

– Do not leave windows or doors open without screens on them. This rule is especially important if you live in a wooded area. Leaving windows or doors open is a very easy way for pests and critters to invade your home. They may smell food sources or just need some warmth and will come into the home especially if it is quiet. If you are going to leave the door or window open be sure there is a screen on it first.

These are just a few of the ways to prevent critters form being in and around your home. It is always easier and safer to try to prevent infestation than it is to remove an infestation once it begins. Taking the necessary steps to prevent them from coming in can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.