Keep Animals Away

What Animals To Avoid Having In Your Home Or Yard

ratAlthough little critters can be so cute and fuzzy they can also carry a variety of illnesses and diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans as well as pets and can sometimes become life threatening. Aside from some critters carry disease others may just be a danger to yourself, your kids or your pets. Being aware of the pests in and around your home can help save you from hassle in the long run. Below is a short list of animals you want to keep away from your home or yard.

– Rats: rats can carry a variety of diseases. Rats are typically very dirty animals that rummage through garbage and live in the sewers and streets so they often pick up a variety of smells, bugs and diseases. Their urine and feces are especially harmful to people and pets who can become ill just from breathing or accidentally ingesting their urine or feces. Rats leave urine and feces all over the place. Sometimes they are to small to even detect and end up in our food or water or other living areas. Be sure if you see rats to get help immediately. Also be sure to keep food and garbage clean and covered up so they cant rummage through it.

– Mice: mice are much like rats in that they can carry and spread diseases. Mice can bring fleas, breathing problems and many other illnesses. They are dirty critters that live in the sewers, woods and other dirty areas. Keeping them and their urine and feces away from humans and pets is important. It is also important to pay attention to the signs of mice. Droppings, urine, squealing and eating holes through things are just some of the top signs of mice.

foxFoxes: although a fox can be one of the most adorable creatures they may also serve as a problem for you or your pets or livestock. Although a fox doesn’t often spread disease and illness unless they have rabies they can still pose as a problem. A fox will rummage through garbage and eat whatever they can find. A fox may also try to attack your small pet or even your livestock. Keeping them out of your yard and away from your home is the best way to protect other animals.

– Raccoons: raccoons can carry some diseases and can especially have rabies. They typically go through garbage and look out for different food sources. Keeping them away from your home or yard is important for small pet safety.

These are just a few of the small critters that you should keep away from your home or yard. It is important to protect yourself as well as small pets and even livestock. Look out for signs of them being there such as rummaged through garbage, feces and other signs. If you see any of these signs it is important to check for any critters around your home or yard.