The Most Humane Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

rat Although rats can be small creepy creatures they are also cute living animals that deserve just as much rights as any other human and animal. Although rats can be dirty creatures there are humane rat removal procedures to follow instead of harming or killing them. Below you will find some helpful information on getting rid of rats in a humane way as well as some of the reasons you should get rid of rats that are in or around your home. You might want to know also about Houston rodent removal, too.

Why Get Rid of Rats:

– They spread leptospirosis through their urine. When rat urine is touched or inhaled it can cause major problems. People can suffer from lung damage as well as kidney failure or kidney damage. Their urine is often left behind after they have been eating or sleeping. It can hard to detect because it is so small but it can cause a huge problem.

– Rat-Bite Fever is another common problem that rats spread. It occurs when a rat bites or scratches you or when you come in contact with a dead rat. It can be a big problem if not treated correctly. Those infected can get a fever, a headache, a skin rash and can even begin vomiting as well as a variety of other health related symptoms that can be dangerous for humans.

– Salmonellosis is a disease that is spread when you consume food or water that has had rat droppings or feces in them. Rat feces and urine are filled with nasty things and can be very dangerous to humans or pets if consumed.

– They can spread fleas throughout your home. Fleas can infect the things in your home such as furniture, kids, pets and other things. Fleas can leave very itchy and annoying bites all over your body.

rat – They eat wires and cables. Critters can destroy things in your home just by chewing through them. This can fry electronics and cause things to malfunction.

– They chew through installation and other home things. Critters like rats and mice can also be harmful to the safety and security of your home.

These are just some of the top diseases that rats can carry and transmit. Although they can be cute fuzzy creatures they are not meant to be around humans or human food. Their bodies as well as their secretions can be very dangerous to humans and regular house pets such as cats and dogs.